About Goldenticket

Our web projects create fun in-real-life socially shareable experiences.


Goldentickets are for hyper-local environments, where the consumer must be physically located to receive and redeem.



Goldentickets generally include some sort of ephemeral (& optionally anonymous) social engagement with others in the locale.


Once activated, a goldenticket presents something of real value to the consumer (e.g., a product).


Goldenticket discovery and engagement is very low friction: no download, no login, no name, no history.


Goldenticket interaction and activation is simple and fun, generally requiring less than 15 seconds to complete.


Value exchanged from redemption is tracked and executed on a blockchain for ease and transparency.

"Just run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it"
Lemmy Kilmister

Our Products

Our concepts, through varying degrees, gamify certain social situations by offering frequent yet unpredictable rewards to the user. This tension between variable feedback versus predictable feedback creates a fun, addictive, reusable, and rebrandable experience.

The Promotions Web App

The Goldenticket promotions web app is a reward and measurement system for consumer attention for in-real-life promotions or advertisements. The interactions are easy to create, easy to fulfill, easy to redeem, and easy to measure. With Goldenticket, promotions can be created where the value can change dynamically; redemptions and value exchanged are automatic; analytics track the customer journey; and trust is enforced via a blockchain.


Find Something

Interaction is initiated with a QR code scan.

Do Something

Optional requirements such as: take a survey, watch a video, take a selfie, do a handstand, etc. can be enforced before the promotion is activated.

Get Something

Once the ticket is active it can be redeemed for something.

Everyone is happy.

Brands receive measurable value directly from the customer via attention. Locations receive additional customer traffic and are immediately paid for redeemed rewards. Customers receive something of value. It’s a win-win-win.


The Blockchain

The activation and redemption of ‘goldentickets’ occurs on Ethereum’s blockchain. Goldenticket uses a blockchain in order to reinforce trust between the brand or sponsor, and the location without a third party vouching. In most cases, the consumer will be entirely unaware of this feature and will not need any special knowledge of cryptocurrency, third party wallets, consensus, smart contracts, etc. to engage.

Ethereum Chain

Ethereum Chain

Ethereum is decentralized, immutable, public, and built for smart contracts. Its transparency reduces friction for all stakeholders in Goldenticket’s ecosystem.

Goldenticket Token

Goldenticket Token

Goldenticket uses the ERC20 based AUTX token to facilitate transactions. It is used to fund campaigns and is ultimately exchanged to a stablecoin for payments.

Smart Contracts

Once a participant engages a goldenticket, a smart contract is created. Once the the requirement is completed, the smart contract is executed.

Stablecoin Transfer

Upon execution of smart contract, the funds are released to the appropriate party. The funds are released in DAI stablecoin. DAI is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar.

"We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down"
Kurt Vonnegut

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